Logistics Is Core to Our Business

While sourcing and sales drive the business, our logistics strength provides the linkage that pulls the two together and enables us to offer excellent service to our customers and suppliers. Our strength comes from our contracts for Road freight, warehousing capacity and local delivery services. We match our outbound and inbound freight with the Transporters that give the greatest value to the carrier, while providing the best economic value to Sai Minerals and our partners.

Once the Lorries arrives in our end, we then find the most efficient and affordable method to deliver product to our customers. If storage is needed, we have many strategically-located warehouse used to segregate, Package and storage.

You need products and information in a timely manner. At Sai Minerals, we're committed to improving the supply chain for our valued customers.

Our Goal

We strive to deliver information and products in an accurate and timely manner. We work to accomplish this goal through continued quality improvement in our people, processes, and information systems; by holding our partners accountable for service; and by developing a flexible and reliable supply chain.

Our Solution

Sai Minerals offers our customers multiple delivery methods. Our shipping capabilities include:

  • Full truckload
  • Partial truckload

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